VICEN Consultant Services


The visual impairment and complex educational needs consultancy (VICEN) is a unique educational service with a niche of inclusiveness. It is a service birthed through experience of observing and working with students with a visual impairment, who are obviously in the minority. The founder who has many years of experience has carried out thorough research on the education of students with a visual impairment. Through working with parents, teachers and other professionals she realised that first and foremost parents are the experts and first teachers of their own children. It is vital to work in collaboration with parents and communication with them makes the education of those who are visually impaired successful. There is need for knowledge and understanding of the use of our senses, for we can all see, but in different ways. For this to be achievable training is vital.


VICEN Services provides support services on a national and international basis to students who are blind/ visually impaired (VI). VICEN assists the school team by providing a unique and highly specialized expertise which would not usually be available within the local school division.


High quality consultancy services relating to children and young people who have visual impairment and complex needs are the focus of the work of Vicen Consultancy. The needs of children and young people who are visually impaired are compounded by the presence of other disabilities. Understanding children and young people with these special needs and disabilities requires a high level of expertise and specialism.


Vicen Consultancy has brought together a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have had many years experience of working with children and young people with these needs. These professionals are experts in this highly specialist field.


Vicen offers consultancy, training, expert witness and assessment as well as the production of video, auditory, photographic and multi-media materials. Currently, Vicen Consultancy cover areas associated with education, speech and language therapy and mobility. Vicen Consultancy also has a number of linked associates who are experienced and qualified practitioners who are available for work in schools, colleges and local authorities on a fixed, short-term, permanent, full-time or part-time basis.
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